Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Post Convention Wrap Up for February 2010

Diabolik and Rich sit down to talk about the conventions they attended in February 2010, which included Dreamation 2010 and Wicked Faire V, which both took place from February 18 through February 21.

We want to thank the Double Exposure crew and the Wicked Faire staff for letting us be a part of your events.


Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 15 Part 2

The elusive Part 2 has been recorded. Diabolik and Rich go through the Director's Cut, The Fast Count, Geek's Compass, the PMP roll and the Rant Round Up all in this part.

Thanks to the snow and to conventions getting in the way of this getting up on time. We'll have Episode 16 up on time this time.


Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 15 Part 1

Sorry for the delay in this Episode, New Jersey got hit pretty hard with a major snowstorm which prevented Diabolik and Rich from recording the show.

Part 1 consists of the Newsline for this episode. Part 2 will be coming soon.