Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 9: It Isn't 3 Hours This Time!

So it's the last Bacon Ice Cream Sundae of the year....and we didn't even mention it in the cast because it really didn't matter.

Thankfully it was a slow news week, and yet we still pulled out a 2 hour show. Go figure. Apparently Rich and I like to have conversations to no end.

And I didn't even give you guys anything to cry to your mothers go cry to them about that.


Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 8: We tried!

We did it again!

Here's to wishing that you all were looking forward to another blockbuster 3 hour cast! We did try to keep it short, we promise!

Topics included the usual suspects, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, TV and Movie News, TNA Wrestling, and much more!

We begin with a little Rage, and end with a lot of rant.


Now go cry to your mothers about something Diabolik said that I don't feel like repeating here.


Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 7: More Epic Than Epic

Trust me, we have no idea how we get talking for more than 3 hours, but we did ... again. All I have to say is that it should be entertaining.

Now you should go cry to your mother about how often we mention balls and dipping them in chocolate .... and not in the friendly way....unless that's what you're into.


Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 6: ...and your little dog, too! 12/06/09

Well, this is almost the episode that didn't happen.

As you all might have heard, our recording software decided it would be an awesome idea to crash right at the end of our 'cast. This, when we found the temp files left the show's recording in about 1300+ files. Diabolik then spent loads of time putting this back together, and then Rich finished it all up and got it here for you to enjoy!

The entire process took over two working days to complete.

Yes, this is how dedicated to this program and you, our listeners!

You're welcome!

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on the site, facebook, or email us!

Oh, and welcome to our official Podcast Puppy, Pippin!

This time, we're the ones crying to our mothers for how long this took to finish.