Dexcon 15 Signature Events

Between Rich changing jobs recently and Diabolik running Pro Tour Qualifiers for Magic there has been very little time to sit down and produce the podcast.
We've been asked to be the official broadcasting partner for Dexcon 15 taking place July 4 through July 8.
I'm sure you are questioning what that means. Short answer is live coverage of 4 of Dexcon's Brand New Signature Events Series.

What are these Signature Events? Well I'd suggest going to for the best information, but I'll give a rundown on what Bacon Ice Cream will be doing.

First things first we have the $5000 (that's not a typo)  Interactive Puzzle Challenge where 30 participants will be locked in a ballroom and have 5 hours to solve a puzzle. Every hour that ticks away takes with it $1000 from the prize pool. Bacon Ice Cream will be live streaming the contest to the rest of the convention along with allowing those unlucky people who can't make it to Dexcon to watch live online.

Then we have Space Cadet Live. Space Cadet the board game is an upcoming release from Stronghold Games but the creators have decided to make it a live action game as well. The live game will have teams of players competing for a grand prize of $1000. Each team will be in charge of a different section of a spaceship and will have to deal with the different situations that arise over the course of the game. We will be live broadcasting this as well as streaming it live to the internet for everyone to experience.

For those of us familiar with Warhammer 40K there is going to be a spectacular Team Space Marine tournament where squads of players with put on Space Marine Armor and duke it out for $1000 prize pool which will also be available to watch live on site and online.

Bacon Ice Cream has also been asked to stream the Iron GM Challenge that will get the winning GM an invite to GenCon. Basically GMs will be given unknown elements to then incorporate and create a RPG game which will then have players vote on after playing through the campaign.

All in all we are very excited about the new and improved Dexcon 15. With over $10,000 in prizes going out to the winners we expect a lot of excited and exhausted people over the Fourth of July weekend.

You should check out for more information about the other Signature Events along with details on how to pre-register for the entire (or part of) convention.