Dexcon 16

It's been a crazy year for the Bacon Ice Cream crew. New jobs, new schedules, new cars, new homes. It's been difficult to find the time to get together for more than a dinner here and there. Hell we had to miss Dreamation because of these scheduling issues.

When we were asked to once again return to Dexcon and for the second year do a live stream of the Signature Events taking place we had a serious decision to make. We each decided to take some vacation time and suck it up, dust off the equipment and jump back in after a year off.

So right now we are about two.and a half hours into the first event we are covering, a live team game based on an upcoming board game from Angry Duck Games and Smirk and Dagger games. It only took us about an hour to get things to actually do what we wanted them to do, and that's after I got off a 13 hour shift at my new job. I consider that a success.

Tomorrow we have the $5000 Interactive Puzzle Challenge starting at 8am, followed by the highly anticipated Ogre Macrotures based on the release due out from Steve Jackson Games at 2 pm.

On Saturday at 7pm we are filming the Space Marine Team Challenge which was fun to do last year so I am looking forward to it.

Stayed tuned all weekend for all the live coverage.