Bacon Ice Cream Sundae - Episode 11- Part 1

Part 1 of Episode 11. Read the rest of the description for more details.

So Rich and I decided during the cast that we would listen to some feedback from listeners about the length of the show and how a 3 Hour long podcast can be hard to consume and digest. So what we decided to do is cut the show up into 90 minute portions to allow people to listen to them and not feel overwhelmed.

Part 1 of Episode 11 gets through a lot of the video game news and events.
Part 2 deals with the Film and TV stuff along with Byte Size Gaming and some other news.
Part 3 *will* consist of the Fast Count, PMP Roll and our Rants. Part 3 is scheduled to be recorded on Friday January 15 because we just ran out of time.

Now go cry to your mother's about having to listen to the show in multiple parts. Or don't and be thankful we care about our listeners. Whatever you want to do.